M for Making – A to Z Challenge

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

This quote made me think about why I make craft items to give to other people.

I make for a hobby, because I teach and I love creating new things from lots if bits of fabric and buttons.

However making an item is the first step, what do you do with the item when it is finished?

It is not very often I make things for my self. I knit and crochet for family and charity, fabric bags are made as presents, and I have hundreds of projects that are not finished.

When i make something as a present i think of the person i will give it to, will they appreciate it is handmade? some people do and will care for the item and others will not. I think it is difficult to make items that others will like or want, but it doesn’t stop me making.

I will continue to make things all my life.

Happy Crafting


“You can do Anything,

but not Everything”