I for Interfacing – A to Z Challenge

Interfacing, the word is used a lot today to describe plugging an electrical gadget into you computer.

But in crafting terms it is a product used for stiffening fabric.

There are different types depending on what finish you what on the item you are making. For example, a bag needs to be stiff, so you would use heavy interfacing. but for a collar of a blouse made for shear fabric only a lightweight is needed.

There are also different colours, so a dark fabric would have a dark interfacing.

There is also sew in and iron on.

And there are lots of specialist interfacing.

The best thing to do to navigate the variety and range is to look at the pattern you are creating, and buy what is suggested.

I also keep on hand medium weight interfacing as it is a good all-rounder for moth projects.

Happy Crafting


F For Fat Quarters – A to Z Challenge


The size of a fat quarter will depend on were you buy it. An English fat quarter is a quarter of a meter, where as an American fat quarter is a quarter of a yard. Always check the packaging for the size, especially if you have a particular project in mind.


I mainly use fat quarters for Patchwork, which originally  developed as a thrifty craft, using fabrics recycled from old clothing and other items. If the finished design is going to  be washed a lot , or example a baby quilt,  then the same type of material needs to be used due to the different washing temperatures i.e. all cotton, however any type of fabric can be used  for decorative projects like wall hangings.

Bundle 4  Fat Quarters Pink Spring Florals  Patchwork & Plain 100% Cotton


Fabric can be bought  for a project, will come in various sizes and designs, usually colour coordinated. Fat quarters are precut  amounts, like  jelly rolls.


The best way to choose which type of fabric to use is to decide what the finished project will be. babies cot quilt  need to be soft and durable fabrics that are washed frequently. If it is a wall hanging then the fabrics could be more specialized. I choose my fabric by starting with a patten I love, then I match off that to create the project I am making.


All fabric should be washed before use in case they shrink and some of the colours can bleed together.


Bundle 4  Fat Quarters Love Floral  Mint Camper van Fabric 100% Cotton

Happy Crafting