L for Lace – A to Z Challenge

The Making of lace spans hundreds of years and before mechanisation was all hand made. I make bobbin lace on a pillow and every year i go to the lace makers fair in Birmingham.

I make Bobbin lace for the love of the process, and the finished effect. It is time consuming and fiddly at times, but not as difficult as you would think.

lacelace 1  lace2


At any one time you will only use 4 pairs of bobbins, even though there may be 60 pairs on the pillow.


The other ways of making lace, tatting, knitting and crochet, all produce good results but very different types and thickness.

if you want to have a go at making your own lace I would recommend you go an a course to learn. pillow lace has a lot of set up steps and equipment, whereas knitting and crochet you just need to be able to read a pattern.

Have a go and find out for yourself how rewarding it is.

Happy Craftfing


March Round up

March weather was very mixed in the UK. we had snow, frost, rain, the march winds and glorious sunshine.

Me and my husband Stuart, cleared out the green house and moved the veg plots so they are more acceptable and easier to use. I am hoping for bumper crops this year.

My 1st month at slimming world I have lost 1/2 stone in weight, loosing about 1 1/2 pounds a week. I feel healthier and have more energy. 🙂

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, (no chocolate, but a glass of wine was nice), and we had a lovely relaxing weekend near Ludlow. Check out Ludow food centre, yummy.

Both the craft workshops went well, and the craft fair was brilliant, lot of people buying our stuff. the demo’s i did were good fun also, if now stressful with the prep, and my family were in the audience.


I have signed up for the April A to Z Challenge. every day (expect Sundays) you blog, starting at A, So 1st +A, 2nd + B, and so on.

There are two workshops this month. Beginners Patchwork (which is full) and Learn to make Lace with a needle or Tatting. places left.

And i have another girls day out. Me my Mom and Sister are going to Wonderwool in Wales on 27th. As we spin and weave it is a specialist show just for wool lovers (but any one can go) . I have saved some money and have a couple of projects that i need to buy for. I am so excited

Again lot of things are happening this month, but with the extra hour as the clocks have changed i should fit it all in.

Happy Crafting

February Round up

So February was a mixed month weather wise in the UK. Rain, flooding (but not where i live) sunshine, and the last few days have felt like spring is about to arrive.

My Olympic challenge was a success with two hats knitted to the correct size. what a result, my attempt at hats have resulted in dolls hats in the past.

Girls day way great, lunch out at the pub, laughter and tea. oh and I made a plated rag rug on the sewing machine for my demo’s on March.

also the crochet workshop’s were a good, everyone make at least one granny square, and went home with plans for more.

I also started Slimming world diet.


The Craft network challenge did not happen 😦  to may other things going on, but i still have a week.

I am running 2 craft workshops this month, Learn to Sew – bond with you sewing machine and Rag Rug Making (places left on both)

This month is all about Rag Rugs, I have a demo for the WI and will be attending a craft fair in Stourbridge where I will be doing another rag rug demo and workshop promotion. we will also be selling craft items.

Mother day UK will be then end of the month and then I go on holiday, which i think by then i will need, looking at the busy schedule. so which project shall I take with me?probably be Needle Tatting as that is a workshop for April.

no rest for the wicked (and i need chocolate, I will allow 3 syns only on slimming world)

Happy Crafting