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L for Lace – A to Z Challenge

The Making of lace spans hundreds of years and before mechanisation was all hand made. I make bobbin lace on a pillow and every year i go to the lace makers fair in Birmingham.

I make Bobbin lace for the love of the process, and the finished effect. It is time consuming and fiddly at times, but not as difficult as you would think.

lacelace 1  lace2


At any one time you will only use 4 pairs of bobbins, even though there may be 60 pairs on the pillow.


The other ways of making lace, tatting, knitting and crochet, all produce good results but very different types and thickness.

if you want to have a go at making your own lace I would recommend you go an a course to learn. pillow lace has a lot of set up steps and equipment, whereas knitting and crochet you just need to be able to read a pattern.

Have a go and find out for yourself how rewarding it is.

Happy Craftfing


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