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K for Knitting – A to Z Challenge

I love knitting, but talking to fellow crafter’s I find some don’t know how to read a ball band or how to correct the tension when they are knitting.

At the beginning on the year I ran a workshop on knitting, and covered these two basic knitting facts.


Understanding a Ball Band

Understanding a Ball Band

Also on the ball band there could be the measurement for the tension square that the wool will knit to, and most patterns will tell you the tension square measurement.

Why is it important?

By knitting a tension square you ensure your knitting will be the correct size, and you will have enough yarn to complete the project.

For years I knit really tight, and now I knit really loose (thanks to my Mom giving me cotton to knit with. I ended up so tight on the needles I couldn’t move the stitches).

So if you knitting doesn’t turn out to be the right size, knit a tension square.

For double knitting 22 stitches and 30 rows = 4 inches square on 4mm needles.

If the square is bigger repeat the square smaller needles and check measurements again.

If smaller increase the size of you needles and knit another square.

By reading the ball band correctly and knitting a tension square, your knitting will be the correct size and fit correctly to the measurements on the pattern, plus you will not run out of wool.

Happy Crafting




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