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G for Gauges – A to Z Challenge

Crafting is a hobby that I love, and I make my living from. You could say I have my cake and I eat it. (I love cake too)

HEMLINE Measuring Gauge Sewing & Quilting Projects 14 Different Measures H260

Sewing Gauge

So what is the tool I can not live without. Well there are several, but the old saying goes

Measure twice, cut once

The measuring tools I use in my crafting are varied.

  • Needle gauge – for measuring the size of your knitting needles
  • WPI gauge – (wraps per inch) for deciding if the wool I am using is double knitting or 4 ply
  • Seam guide – to ensure my sewn seams are all 1/4 inch wide
  • metre rule – for measuring my fat quarters
  • bead gauge, picot gauge, hem gauge, sewing gauge.

There is a gauge for most things.

So which one would I choose?

All of them because in there own way they make my life easier, and that can only be a good thing.

Happy Crafting



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