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Olympic Challenge

The winter Olympics are here. 16 days of snow, ice and people going fast down hill. I for one will be watching.

I Challenge you to 16 days of crafting.

The plan is to start your project while watching the opening ceremony, and to finish on the closing.

It can be any project you like, knitting, crochet, sewing you choose.

The idea is you start and finish a project in an allotted time frame, I am a prolific project starter, not many finished in a short time frame, “eventually” always seams to be my mantra.

My Challenge

I will be knitting hats. Some of you will be saying “well that is easy” and some “oh how complicated”. I am not a hat novice, more of a hat disaster area (both knitted and crochet)

The winter Olympics gives me 16 days to perfect the right sized hat, instead of them fitting a doll or putting handles on them to make a bag, both have occurred.

Starting with a tension square (yes I will be doing this properly) then going on to the main event of the hat, and if i get good, more than one hat.

The pattern is off the loving hands website and will be in odds and end I have in my stash. When they are finished and the right size (I am allowing for reknit’s), the hats will be given to charity for older people to stay warm, or for the armed forces.

Get ready, turn on the TV and get creating.

Happy Crafting




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