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Random moments of delight challenge

As part of the Zero to Hero challenge , they asked to join another challenge (as if I don’t have enough to do)

So having looked at the possibilities which were not endless, I found myself disappointed at the selection. My blog is about crafting and there wasn’t anything in this category. So in the end I chose random-moments-of-delight-challenge. Mainly because crafting has moments of delight as well as the disasters.

My moment of delight today is a new book on fair isle knitting.

I have knitted for most of my life and my Mom often tells of the time I first discovered knitting needles, not to mention I couldn’t get my tension right (to tight) so she gave me cotton the knit with, (it gets tighter on the needles the more you knit, because it doesn’t stretch like wool. In the end you can’t move the stitches and have to start again) did I mention my Mom believes in tough love LOL.

I have never mastered knitting in two colours so decided for 2014 i was going to teach my self. The book has arrived, now to find some wool and needles.

Let the learning commence.

Happy crafting


One thought on “Random moments of delight challenge

  1. I love new books that teach me something artsy or craftsy! When I was learning to make jewelry I went to the library and got all sorts of books to look over, then when I found the perfect few, I bought them on Amazon. I’m really sorry you couldn’t find a challenge to join that had to do with crafts, but I’m glad you joined mine!
    Good luck with your new knitting challenge, you’ll have to share a picture when you’ve finished something you like.

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