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What to do with craft supplies you no longer need?

I commented on the post  out with the old who was talking about a Japanese tradition of “The hari-kuyou is a memorial service specifically for old sewing needles (hari) and pins” (thank you smallest forest) and what to do with old journals.

This got me thinking. it’s not only old journals you want to store or remove to make space for the new, what about your other craft supplies.

Recently i was given a bag of wool, which also contained a pattern and half knitted jumper. The lady who gave it me had just lost her daughter and had to clear her belongings. This has happened a number of times to my Mom. she runs a craft group and over the years a number of the member have passed away, or customers are moving house and they don’t have room for all their stuff

So what do you do with the supplies you on longer want.?

I make charity donations out of the supplies. Donate them straight to a charity shop or make them into something. I found a great site to do this Lovinghand who provide handmade items for a whole range of charity’s. So for my winter Olympic challenge I will be knitting hats (more on this in a later post)

what to do if some one gives you supplies?

I always take them. Firstly because there may be something I don’t have, or can use for a project, and secondly the person is having a clear out and will probably throw the stuff away anyway, and if it no good i throw it away. Also if the person giving you the stuff has lost someone dear, they are probably having a hard time dealing with the loss and has a task list longer than your arm. so one less thing to think about.

Have you had to clear out yours or a loved one craft supplies?

where did you take them and how where they used?

Happy Crafting


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