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My sewing Basket

Essentials for all sewing

Essentials for all sewing

What’s in your basket?         Here is mine.

Firstly I found a basket that fits on my lap and was the right depth to hold the latest project. I then covered that with my favourite fabric.

Then there are a number of essential tools any sewing basket should have (according to me, yours will probably be different)

  • A pin cushion – one of my pet hates is when people put their sewing needle on the table, I have to refrain from shouting ‘USE THE PIN CUSHION’.

There are a number of good reasons to use them.

    • You always know where your needle is. and not sticking in the cat, dog or husband
    • easy access – when you have a lot of materials in you basket they are easier to find
    • pins can be accessed easier
  • Embroidery scissors – Chose a pair that you like and are comfortable to use, which have a nice point. I have lots of different types, titanium, stork, soft grip.
  •  Tape measure
  • Seam ripper/unpicker – the amount of times I have had to undo some sewing, this is useful to have to hand.
  • Needles and pins – have a variety of types and eye sizes. There is nothing worse than sitting down for a sewing session and then having to go and find another needle to fit the thread.
  • Threads – I always have black, white and cream in my basket, as most sewing can be done with these colours.

Making a matching set of pin cushion, scissor case, and needle case could be you first project.

Happy sewing 🙂



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