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Winter Crafts

When I think of crafting in the winter, one of the Christmas songs lines always comes to mind. “Baby it cold outside”

It is time to snuggle up on the sofa or your comfiest armchair and craft.

So what are the best crafts to do?

  1. What is your craft?

    Knitting, crochet, sewing, paper crafts. Choose the one that gives you the most comfort.

    I always go for knitting or crochet because the work in progress acts like a blanket as you work (snuggly factor of 8).

  2. What is the project that is most important?

    This is a had one to answer,

    Do you have a project with a deadline? i.e. Baby due in spring or a present that you can’t put off starting any more


    I use January as a UFO month. Unfinished objects.

    So I have a knitting workshop to finish preparing for, a jumper that is half finished for hubby, and a rag rug demo to finish samples for.

    Which do I chose, probably the one I have set up next to my chair.


  3. Set yourself you

    Next to my chair is my knitting basket (with said jumper in) so it is easy to do that project when I like, but the other two are just an important.

    I spend a couple of hours with a cup of tea on a quiet evening or afternoon sorting through what I need. Tools, fabric, wool. This all goes into a basket and is placed next to my chair.

    Now when my favourite TV programme in on or I have a few minutes everything is ready to go


  4. Enjoy yourself

    The main reason I have so many projects on the go (apart from the workshop projects) is because I loose interest in a project and what to do something different.

    I have a few rules

    1. have three projects on the go (charity, personal, work)
    2. are you enjoy doing it? And have you still got you spark when you started?
    3. Can it be done in my favourite chair? (where else would I want to be when it’s cold)

I hope with this post I have inspired you to go and look in your craft cubby hole and find some inspiration and zing. Cuddle up in your chair and make something.

If not have a cup of tea and put the telly on, what better place to be in the cold drab month of January.

Happy Crafting


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